IPS Plunger Lift Is Total Quality

Our industry leading optimization products are American made and second to none.

Our Quality System Begins with a Vision and a Mission

Vision: IPS takes pride and established ourselves to be the dominant provider of Plunger Lift products and Service provider in the industry.

Mission: IPS will service and work with all customers to delivery top quality products that maximizes production needs.

The IPS Quality and Safety Policy

Integrated Production Services quality policy is to maintain a high standard of quality in all products manufactured and to provide safe, reliable plunger lift products and deliver top customer service to our customers. The IPS management staff will always dedicate their support and continually improve all manufacturing and service activities that are necessary to accomplish our goal we established and monitor the objectives that are consistent with our quality policy. Our Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Management Program are key to how IPS operates as a business and how we value our employees. IPS is committed to achieving the highest level of quality in our products without sacrificing the safety or risks factors associated in producing or installing our products on site.

IPS strongly believes our success depends on our ability to deliver valued services to our customers without harming people or the environment. Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility and it is more than a focus or priority, it is a Core Value that will not be compromised in the pursuit of any of our business goals. IPS has implemented several safety programs to prevent and reduce the incidents at our manufacturing facility and field operations. Daily toolbox meetings are held with our operators at our manufacturing facility, and our safety team travels to our field locations hosting several training classes that include Safe Driving, PEC, Ergonomics, and Hazard Communication. Our Observation Card Program has led to several completed safety projects that eliminated potential safety hazards from occurring, which has resulted in significant reductions in recordable and lost-time incidents.

IPS Is More Than the Pacemaker

Check out our most popular optimization products below.

At IPS we take great pride in our total quality manufacturing system, unwavering safety standards, and knowledgeable team members to produce the best oil and gas well production and optimization products on the planet.

Pacemaker plunger lift systems will fit your precise production and optimization needs.

The Ultra Seal offers the most advanced sealing mechanism on the market.

Grappler Sleeves are arguably the most versatile plunger on the market.

Our 5K Flange Forged Lubricator will maximize your IPS Plunger Lift system.