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Do it right the first time, do it right all the time.

American Made Manufacturing is the IPS Advantage

IPS specializes in satisfying the customer by delivering parts on time, at the best quality and at a competitive price. At IPS, we strive to always apply the best machining and welding processes into every part to ensure a quality product every time an order is placed. Our slogan is, "Do it Right the First time, Do it Right All the Time!" IPS is a one stop shop manufacturing facility. We have CNC machines, welding equipment for structural or API certified oilfield equipment; including a robotic MIG welding machine, Hydro Testing pumps, Heat Treat furnace, and our in-house Powder Coating booth. All of our products are manufactured and tested per API 6A, and other governing manufacturing bodies. We are willing to go above and beyond for our customers so they can rest assure that the product they receive from IPS is made with the highest Quality and Safety Standards. With experienced engineers, welders and machinists on staff, every part is timed and calculated so we can accurately give the customer an honest delivery date and continue to serve the needs of a challenging industry. IPS invests in the manufacturing processes to secure the technical expertise and advanced machinery for today's success and tomorrow's demands.

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IPS Is More Than the Pacemaker

Check out our most popular optimization products below.

At IPS we take great pride in our total quality manufacturing system, unwavering safety standards, and knowledgeable team members to produce the best oil and gas well production and optimization products on the planet.

Pacemaker plunger lift systems will fit your precise production and optimization needs.

The Ultra Seal offers the most advanced sealing mechanism on the market.

Grappler Sleeves are arguably the most versatile plunger on the market.

Our 5K Flange Forged Lubricator will maximize your IPS Plunger Lift system.