Padded Center Rod Plunger

The superior sealing intermediate bypass plunger.

Padded Center Rod Plunger

The Padded Center Rod Plunger retains a superior seal in an intermediate bypass plunger. It is designed to fall at medium speeds unlike most bypass plungers. It does not require any flow time at the surface to separate a secondary piece. This tool is designed as an intermediate step between Pacemaker candidates and conventional plunger candidate wells. The Center Rod Plunger requires no additional equipment at the surface to adapt the well for this application, and can run in wells with existing subsurface equipment. This plunger has a one piece center rod that runs through the fishing neck. Pinning the fishing neck through the side of the threads allows for maximum strength and impact tolerance.

Features & Benefits

  • Positive seal intermediate bypass.
  • Works in existing systems.
  • 1000 +/- ft/min fall rate.
  • 250 ft/min fall rate in fluid.
  • Single piece rod and ball design.
  • 4140 heat treated steel.
  • 17-7 stainless steel for H2S service.


  • No additional surface equipment required.
  • Can run in wells with existing subsurface equipment.

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