Pacemaker Plunger Lift System

Increase production with our patented, American-made Pacemaker.

Pacemaker Plunger Lift System

The IPS Pacemaker Plunger Lift System utilizes a proven, patented, two piece plunger design. The large bybass area of the plunger, coupled with high-strength materials and other proprietary system components, allows production companies to increase production and recoverable reserves.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes more wellbore fluid by making more trips per day.
  • Eliminates the need for any shut in time.
  • Works well with on-site compression.
  • Provides a deliquification solution for slim-hole, tubing-less and packer completions.
  • Operates with minimal bottom-hole pressure.
  • Eliminates line pressure spikes.
  • Maintains a low flowing bottom-hole pressure.
  • Broadens the application of plunger lift technology to also benefit wells that are above critical rate.


  • 6" to 19" long Steel Sleeve that works in higher GLR wells.
  • Combine with Tungsten, Cobalt, Steel, Zirconia, Silicone Nitride, or Titanium ball.
  • Fluid and gas rates determine ball weight requirements.
  • Early intervention for liquid loading.

IPS Is More Than the Pacemaker

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