Multi Stage Tool

Optimize your well with multiple plunger lift stages.

Multi Stage Tool

The Multi-Stage system works by running multiple plunger lift stages to optimize well production. The bottom stage assembly is a traditional plunger set up with a bottom hole spring and stop to run a conventional plunger. The bottom stage spring and plunger set up depend on client or technician preference and well characteristics. When the well is opened, the bottom stage moves a column of fluid up the hole. As it moves up the hole, the head gas above it is used as an artificial energy source to help drive the top plunger in the secondary stage. This plunger drives a column of fluid to surface, lifting a lighter load to a shallower depth. The bottom plunger arrives at the Multi-Stage assembly with a load that is staged for the next cycle. This fluid load remains staged due to a standing valve in the Multi-Stage assembly.

Features & Applications

  • Packer completions.
  • Tapered strings.
  • Extreme low GLR situations.
  • Ability to unload high fluid amounts.
  • Wells become candidates that struggle or fail to run conventional plunger lift.
  • Less shut in time compared to a conventional system.
  • Available pressure relief standing valves.
  • Also available for Pacemaker.

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