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7,448,442 Pad type plunger. Pad Plunger
6,467,541 Plunger lift method and apparatus. Pacemaker
6,209,637 Plunger lift with multipart piston and method of using the same. Pacemaker
6,719,060 Plunger lift separation and cycling. Pacemaker
7,273,098 Method for controlling oil and gas well production from multiple wells. Control Box
6,883,606 Differential Pressure Controller. Control Box
CA 2,521,013 Plunger lift piston. Pacemaker
CA 2,301,791 Plunger lift with multipart piston. Pacemaker
CA 2,353,733 Improved plunger lift with multipart piston. Pacemaker
CA 2,425,573 Improved plunger lift separation and cycling. Pacemaker
61/989,382 Sphere. Sphere
14/472,044 Ball retaining sleeve (Grappler). Pacemaker

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