Grappler Plunger

Maybe the most versatile plunger on the market.

Grappler Plunger

The Grappler uses new technology to improve the original, patented, two piece plunger design. IPS added detent balls in the seat of the sleeve to keep the plunger ball securely engaged during the upstroke of the plunger trip. With the plunger ball securely engaged, the sleeve will be able to carry more fluids to surface and will increase trip efficiency. The increase in efficiency will also make optimizing easier by eliminating ball and sleeve separation. This broadens the spectrum of potential wells, making the Grappler one of the most versatile plungers on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Patent Pending
  • Ball Bearings outperform friction type clips to retain the plunger ball.
  • Moves more wellbore fluid by making additional trips per day with the use of a heavier ball promoting quicker separation.
  • Virtually eliminates the need for any shut in time.
  • Works well with packer completion.
  • Broadens the application of plunger lift technology to also benefit wells that are above the normal G.L.R.
  • Decreases the demand for optimization.


  • 6" to 19" long Steel Sleeve that works in higher GL wells.
  • Combine with Tungsten, Cobalt, Steel, Zirconia, Sili-cone Nitride, or Titanium ball.
  • Fluid and gas rates determine ball weight requirements.

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