IPS Plunger Lift Data Sheets

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IPS Data Sheets

Whether you are a current or a future customer at IPS, we've got your data and technical needs covered for any scenario in which our patented products can be employed. Click the action button below to download and view our current data sheets, and as always please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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IPS Is More Than the Pacemaker

Check out our most popular optimization products below.

At IPS we take great pride in our total quality manufacturing system, unwavering safety standards, and knowledgeable team members to produce the best oil and gas well production and optimization products on the planet.

Pacemaker plunger lift systems will fit your precise production and optimization needs.

The Ultra Seal offers the most advanced sealing mechanism on the market.

Grappler Sleeves are arguably the most versatile plunger on the market.

Our 5K Flange Forged Lubricator will maximize your IPS Plunger Lift system.