10K Triple Forged Lubricator

Maximize your Plunger Lift System with forged, IPS quality.

10K Lubricator

The IPS Triple Forged Lubricator is an integral part of the plunger lift system. It contains a heavy-duty spring to absorb the shock of plunger arrival impact. It keeps the plunger in place to allow fluid unloading. A removable Bowen Cap allows access for plunger retrieval and overall inspection.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 3/8 Plunger Systems Pacemaker, Rapid Drop & Conventional.
  • Dual flow outlets for increased production in high volume gas and liquid wells.
  • Rugged forged alloy steel construction for extreme shock and arctic conditions.
  • Can withstand impact loads from fast-rising plungers due to the high load bearing Bo-wen Cap threads & improved deceleration springs.
  • Designed to maximize Pacemaker System production with properly spaced separator rods, plunger placement and ball blocker outlets.
  • Can be easily customized based on your well specifications.
  • Threaded cap inlet for chemical injection.
  • Deceleration spring speed rating: 3,000 ft/min on Conventional Systems.
  • Two styles of manual catchers are available for your particular application.


  • AISI 4130 / L80 alloy steel forged body.
  • AISI 4130 low temperature impact resistant flanges.
  • Improved corrosion resistance in sour and CO2 environments compared to carbon steel.
  • Rated for 10,000PSIG working pressure. Hydrostatically tested to 15,000 PSIG. *Rating is dependent on flange rating
  • Temperature rating: -50° to 180° F ( -50° to 82° C )
  • Welds meet API, ASME and NACE codes.
  • Designed to meet and exceed API-6A standards.

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